Unknown Limits

Materials: Matai, forged steel

Dimensions: 1380 x 740 x 740

This piece of Matai has been aging for years waiting for my attention. I wanted to reveal the trunk, showing expansion and development. Floating its large, imposing shape within forged steel, developing the structure and increasing the volume of its expansive form through polishing, scorching and penetration.
The two polished sides present a window into the material qualities of the wood. The other sides show what happens to the tree in the forest, the trunk had broken and split and on the machined side opposite, the chainsaw marks had cut through the Matai. Finally there was a side where the cambium layer had been exposed and I wanted to explore the brittle, black and white colour and texture of ashes and how the matai responded to scorching. Part of the process of rejuvenation in the forest is burning, from destruction comes life. All of these sides are a history of this block of Matai. 
The addition of steel increased the development and growth of the original truck, enabling it to float within its structure. The verticality of the forged steel accentuates the tension of the vertical cracks within the wood